7 Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes You’re Probably Making at Home

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home is an art, but even the most passionate coffee lovers can sometimes get it wrong. From choosing the right beans to mastering the brewing process, there are several steps where things can go awry. In this guide, we’ll uncover the most common coffee brewing mistakes and offer expert advice on how to avoid them, ensuring your home-brewed coffee rivals that of your favorite local coffee shop. Plus, learn how Mōzza Roasters can keep you stocked with the finest roasts from around the world with our convenient subscription service.

1. Using the Wrong Grind Size

Mistake: Choosing a grind size that doesn’t match your brewing method can lead to under-extracted (weak) or over-extracted (bitter) coffee.

Solution: Fine-tune your grind to match your brewing method: coarse for French press, medium for drip, and fine for espresso. Every roast in our selection can be ground to your preferred brewing method.

2. Ignoring Water Quality

Mistake: Using tap water with high levels of chlorine or other minerals can affect the taste of your coffee.

Solution: Opt for filtered or bottled water to ensure your coffee tastes pure and flavorful.

3. Incorrect Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Mistake: Guessing the amount of coffee or water can result in coffee that’s too strong or too weak.

Solution: Use a scale to measure your coffee and water. A good starting point is 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio.

4. Brewing at the Wrong Temperature

Mistake: Water that’s too hot or too cold can ruin your brew.

Solution: Aim for a water temperature between 195°F and 205°F for optimal extraction.

5. Skipping the Bloom

Mistake: Not allowing your coffee to “bloom” results in a flat, less flavorful cup.

Solution: Pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds and wait 30 seconds before continuing to brew. This releases gases and leads to a better extraction.

6. Using Stale Coffee Beans

Mistake: Using beans that aren’t fresh can make your coffee taste dull.

Solution: Always check the roast date and opt for freshly roasted beans from Mōzza Roasters. Store your beans in an airtight container away from light and heat. Our coffee subscriptions can be a perfect solution, ensuring that you have fresh beans on hand when you need them. 

7. Forgetting to Clean Your Equipment

Mistake: Residual oils and grinds can impart unwanted flavors into your coffee.

Solution: Clean your coffee maker, grinder, and any other equipment regularly to maintain the best taste.

Avoiding these common coffee brewing mistakes can dramatically improve the quality of your home-brewed coffee. Remember, the key to a perfect cup starts with the right beans. At Mōzza Roasters, we offer a wide selection of specialty coffee roasts from around the world, perfect for every brewing method. Subscribe to our coffee subscription service today and never run out of your favorite roast.

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