What We Offer

We are honored to be among the group of roasters supplying the highest quality specialty coffee to distinguishing customers. Where we separate ourselves from others is in the added value we bring to the table; from barista training to supplying you with all the products you need to run your business at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Coffee

Our passion for coffee started 11 years ago with a single retail store; we are now 3 locations along with a new roasting facility. Mozza coffees are born as a result of nurturing relationships with people who share our passion for that perfect brew. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional, value-added, customer service – not just sell coffee beans.

Wholesale Equipment

Mozza sources everything you need to open and sustain a successful coffee business. From espresso machines to syrups for lattes, The equipment necessary to run a successful business is often your biggest investment. We want to ease that expense by using our buying power to equip you with the proper tools at the best prices.

Barista Training

From steaming milk to syrup ratio, having an consistently excellent product will elevate you from your competitors. Our trainers are certified by the SCA and have made it a labor of love to determine the necessary steps to obtain the perfect extraction every time. More importantly, we would love to pass those skills on to your team.