Who We Are

Our passion for coffee yields extraordinary results. We aim to provide the highest quality product and services to our community, one great cup of coffee at a time.

Mozza Roasters was founded in 2015 by lifelong coffee aficionados Paul & Sissy Melotte and is headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Melottes initially entered the coffee business in 2006 with Bella Latte which now operates three locations.

Paul and Sissy have tasted coffees all over the world and enjoy brewing coffee in all different ways from a percolator to a French press, to a briki to a moka pot. Before entering the coffee scene, they played with cheap home espresso machines that were not built to handle the high pressure and would, on occasion, spew coffee everywhere.

Paul & Sissy Melotte


Jon Ives

General Manager/Master Roaster

Kevin Reno

Lead Training Barista