The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Tasting: 10 Characteristics You Should Recognize

Have you ever been in a café with someone who really loves coffee? All of a sudden they begin to wax lyrical about the subtle nuances of the complex roast they’re savoring, but you can only describe it as a “pretty good cup of coffee.” If you want to learn more about the coffee tasting process and how to sound like an expert, you’re in the right place!
Coffee tasting, much like wine tasting, is an art that uncovers the depth and breadth of flavors present in coffee. Understanding the nuances of coffee can transform your drinking experience, allowing you to appreciate the subtle differences that each type of coffee presents. Here’s an essential guide to 10 characteristics you should recognize in your coffee tasting journey.


The brightness or tanginess of coffee, reminiscent of citrus fruits, contributing to the coffee’s overall liveliness​​​​.


Indicates the quality and balance in a cup of coffee, with flavors ranging from sugary sweet to hints of caramel or chocolate​​​​.


A common trait, especially in darker roasts, that should be balanced and not overwhelming​​.


Describes the physical feel of coffee in your mouth, ranging from light and tea-like to full and creamy​​​​.

Flavor Notes

The specific tastes that can be identified in coffee, such as fruity, nutty, chocolatey, or floral, often linked to the coffee’s origin​​​​​​.


An integral part of the coffee experience, aroma can hint at the coffee’s potential flavors, ranging from earthy to fruity​​​​.


The flavor that lingers after the coffee has been swallowed, which can range from sweet and pleasant to bitter and strong​​.


Coffees, especially those with high acidity, can have clear fruit flavors such as berries, citrus, or stone fruits​​​​.


A common note in many coffees, providing a rich and indulgent flavor, often found in medium to dark roasts​​.


These flavors can be subtle but add depth to coffee, reminiscent of almonds, peanuts, or the fresh scent of the earth​​.

Put Your Skills to the Test

Coffee tasting is a journey that invites you to explore and appreciate the intricate flavors and aromas of coffee. By familiarizing yourself with these 10 essential flavors, you’re equipped to delve deeper into the world of coffee and discover your personal preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to coffee tasting, each cup offers a unique experience waiting to be explored.

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